Suggestions to Keep In Mind Regarding Children’s Sports Injuries

Many children take part in sports activities every year in the United States. Organized sports are a great way for kids to get the exercise they need in order to stay healthy. Unfortunately, kids can get hurt when taking part in sports. Parents, coaches, and others need to take steps to prevent children’s sports injuries.

Wear the Proper Equipment

Participants in sports activities should wear the proper protective gear for their type of sport. This includes pads, helmets, and other items that are designed to keep the participant safe from harm. You also need to check the equipment regularly to ensure that it is still working as it should. For example, football helmets typically utilize padding, or inflatable protection that must be replaced periodically after regular use.

Follow the Rules of the Sport

Injuries can occur when the rules of the sport aren’t followed. The rules are designed to provide fair play, as well as safe play. Kids need to be taught the proper rules of play in order to stay safe. Children must also learn to pay attention while participating in a game. Kids can be injured when they are distracted. Young children should not be allowed to participate in contact sports. Make the rules of play less complex for small kids.

Get Prompt Medical Attention for Injuries

If a child is hurt during play, it is best to have them get medical attention. Concussions are the most serious concern, because children may not realize that they were seriously hurt. However, head injuries can be severe, and may cause permanent damage if not treated promptly. Do not allow kids to play when they are injured or not feeling well. For instance, a child with a sprain should not be allowed to play because the injury could worsen.

What to Do If Your Child is injured

A sports injury is never easy to handle, but can be particularly troublesome when the injury occurs to a child. Parents should immediately take the child to the hospital or doctor. Some injuries happen because of negligence on the part of the coach, or adult in charge. If negligence or faulty equipment is to blame, a claim may be necessary. If your child was hurt during a sports activity, contact Udall Shumway PLC to discuss your available options.

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