Top Causes of Premises Injuries You Should Know

Visiting a shopping center, store, or business complex should be a safe and uneventful experience. Unfortunately, there are some problems that could cause harm to individuals while they are on the property. People may suffer injuries, some of which may be serious. The three top causes of premises injuries can cause severe or even disabling injuries.

  1. Slippery or Wet Surfaces Are Dangerous

Wet floors may be very slippery and could cause someone to fall. Water can get onto the floor from a leak, a spill, or even from cleaning the area. Wet surfaces may cause severe injuries, especially because people may fall very hard when their feet slip out from under them. Putting out warning signs may not be enough to prevent injuries.

  1. Cracks or Uneven Walkways Cause Harm

Cracks in the sidewalk or uneven cement or walkways are dangerous to those who are walking nearby. Any cracks should be quickly repaired. Walkways should be properly lit, especially at night, so that people are able to see where they are going.

  1. Blocked or Obstructed Aisles Cause Hazards

Stores need to restock their shelves, but sometimes the boxes can get in the way. Stacking boxes or products in the aisles may be dangerous. People walking through the store may not see the items, and could trip and stumble. Serious injuries may include broken bones, cuts and bruises, and head trauma.

Responsibility of Owners and Managers

Business owners and managers are responsible for ensuring that the area is safe. Regular inspections should be done, and maintenance and repairs made to correct any defects. When a problem occurs, it is imperative that it be fixed as soon as possible. In the meantime, steps must be taken to alert people of a possible problem, and keep people away from the potential danger.

What to Do If You Are Injured

If you were injured in a premises fall, your first instinct may be to simply brush it off as your own fault. However, if the owner was negligent, they are responsible for your injuries. Immediately following the incident, report it to the manager. You should also file a police report. Then, make sure that you see a doctor as soon as possible. These steps are necessary to prove that an accident with injuries occurred. Then, talk to a personal injury attorney to determine whether you have a case.

Those who were seriously hurt because of the negligence of another are entitled to compensation. Call the personal injury lawyers at Udall Shumway PLC to schedule a consultation to talk about your case.


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