I-10: One of Arizona’s Most Dangerous Highways

Summer is approaching, bringing one of the most popular travel times of the year. With gas prices down, and the economy doing well, more people are taking to the roads again. Unfortunately, more traffic on the roads means there are more hazards, and an increased risk of accidents. I-10 is one of Arizona’s most dangerous highways. If you will be traveling along this route, it is important to recognize, and prepare for, any possible problems.

Reasons for Deadly Accidents on I-10

I-10 runs between Arizona and California, so it is one of the most frequented roads in the area. There may be several reasons why some of the worst accidents occur along this highway.

  • Dark stretches of road
  • Speeding
  • Aggressive driving or passing
  • Inattentive or distracted driving

People traveling along this route should be aware of the many hazards that could contribute to accidents along the way.

Dark Roadways Contribute to Accidents

In areas where there are few or no street lights, the road can become extremely dark and difficult to navigate at night. These dark areas can be particularly hazardous to those who are unfamiliar with the highway. It is best to travel unfamiliar roads during daylight hours, when the road is much easier to see.

Speeding and Aggressive Driving Causes Crashes

Posted speed limits are determined by the general road conditions, and are provided for safety reasons. Driving faster than the speed limit can create a dangerous situation. If an accident does happen, the resulting injuries are likely to be severe. Road rage or aggressive driving can cause drivers to do things that put themselves and others in danger.

Inattentive or Distracted Driving is Hazardous

Driving while distracted is not only hazardous, it is against the law. The most common reason for distraction is texting or talking on a cell phone. Other reasons include eating or drinking, tuning the radio, applying makeup, and talking to passengers. Driving while you are overtired can also cause accidents.

Preventing Serious Accidents in Arizona

Accidents can often be prevented. Drivers should make travel plans and review them before getting behind the wheel. It is often better to begin a trip in the morning when you are fully rested, and there is daylight. If you reach an unfamiliar area of the road, slow down to make sure that you can adequately maneuver. Do not drive if you have been drinking. Report any erratic drivers to the police.

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