I-94 Is the Immigrant Arrival and Departure Record

When visitors arrive or leave the United States, their status is updated and recorded. The I-94 Immigrant Arrival and Departure Record is the method used to keep track of all the necessary information. The I-94 record is processed and updated by Customs and Border Protection (CPB), and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The I-94 record is the official report of your border activity.

Information Recorded on the I-94

The I-94 arrival and departure record contains important data regarding travel to and from the U.S. The records include your arrival date, status of your visa, and the date you must leave the U.S. This information is necessary in a number of situations. The records are updated every time you enter or leave the U.S. If you have a paper copy of your I-94, you must provide it to an official upon departure from the U.S.

I-94 May Be Paper or Electronic

The I-94 record is now automated.  The information collected is stored electronically. Visitors may still utilize paper documentation for updating in some cases, such as when crossing land borders. Records are kept electronically for those traveling by air or sea. Although paper documentation may be used, your record will be updated electronically as well. A passport admission stamp will be made to indicate important travel information.

Requesting a Copy of Your I-94

Sometimes, a copy of the I-94 record must be provided to prove status to employers, schools, or others. When a paper copy is needed, you may request it online through Customs and Border Protection (CPB). Some immigrants, such refugees and those seeking asylum, do not have access to electronic forms, and must use the paper version.

Visa Extension May Be Streamlined

One of the benefits of an electronic I-94 is that it streamlines the process for extending your visa. In cases where you need to stay longer, the electronic records may make the process faster, and easier. It is important to remember that you must still meet specific requirements for a visa extension to be granted.

The use of the electronic I-94 helps to automate the entry and departure process, and saves both time and money. It also helps to improve security. Immigration can be complicated, so it is helpful to get assistance from a qualified immigration attorney. Call Udall Shumway PLC to discuss your immigration visa needs.

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