Be Careful When Buying Used Baby Products

Preparing for a new baby can be expensive. There are many various items that need to be purchased specifically for an infant or child. Families can save money by purchasing some pre-used baby items. However, it is important to be careful when buying used baby products. Many products have been recalled for safety reasons, and others are outdated, or do not meet the current safety specifications.

Avoid Buying Antique Baby Furniture

Although antique baby furniture may have a wonderful nostalgic look, it may not be safe. Keep in mind that many new safety laws have been enacted to help prevent injuries or deaths. For example, the slats on an antique baby crib may not be spaced properly, and could pose a danger to the infant. In general, older baby cribs and changing tables may be dangerous.

Car Seats May Be Obsolete

Car seat safety is a serious concern for infants and children. Changing technology has improved the safety of infant and baby car seats. Older seats may not be as safe as the new ones. It is also important to note that car seats are designed for specific ages. Check to make sure that you buy the properly sized seat for your child.

Examine Playpens and Baby Fences

Like cribs and car seats, playpens can be hazardous if they are out-of-date. Some of these items could be missing important parts that keep them safe. For instance, a baby playpen may require specially designed pins that hold the pieces in place. If some of these are gone, the item may be unsafe for use. Remember that it may be difficult to find replacement parts, and it is not advisable to try to use unauthorized pieces.

Check for Recalled Baby Items

Many products are recalled every year due to safety issues. Many of these items are baby products. Older, used products have often not been checked for safety recalls. Baby items found at garage sales, or used items listed online, may be old, and could be dangerous. Before using any of these products, check online to find out if the item was part of a recall. If so, do not use the item.

Injuries Caused by Dangerous Baby Products

Even when using care, some children may be hurt because of dangerous baby products. Serious injuries include head trauma, broken bones, and asphyxia. If your child was seriously injured because of a hazardous product, you may need legal help to get the compensation you deserve. Call the reputable personal injury lawyers at Udall Shumway PLC to discuss your case.

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