Cerebral Palsy Causes: Birth Complications, Genetic Defects, Oxygen Deprivation, and More

Cerebral palsy is a serious and often debilitating medical condition that occurs in a small number of infants. Cerebral Palsy causes may be: some genetic defect, or the baby may have suffered an injury in the womb. A lack of sufficient oxygen could cause a birth injury, including mental deficiencies. Cerebral palsy may be caused by birth complications, if the infant suffered oxygen deprivation.

Cerebral Palsy is a Lifelong Disability

Cerebral palsy is a medical disorder caused by brain damage to an infant before or after birth. Cerebral palsy impacts the child’s motor skills, rendering some level of inability to control muscles and movement. There is no cure for cerebral palsy. Once a child has this condition he will never recover. The extent of the injuries is generally determined by the length of time the fetus was without oxygen.

Complications during Labor or Delivery

The reason why an infant suffers from cerebral palsy is often unknown. Sometimes, a problem occurs with the fetus, or there could be a genetic fault. Other times, however, the baby was perfectly normal until the onset of labor and delivery. A complication may cause distress to the fetus. This may reduce the oxygen supplied to the baby’s brain, rendering permanent damage.

Preventing Injuries to the Infant at Birth

There are some things that doctors should do in order to prevent injuries to the baby during birth. The mother and baby should be monitored throughout labor to ensure that the baby is receiving an adequate supply of oxygen. If labor is prolonged, the baby could suffer distress. In this case, the doctor may need to perform a c-section to remove the baby as quickly as possible. If proper measures are not taken, and the baby is injured, the doctor may be responsible.

Medical Mistakes Made During Delivery

When a doctor makes a medical mistake it may also be known as medical malpractice. Doctors are required to provide a high level of care to patients. They are expected to make the right decisions in order to ensure the safety and well-being of those under their care. When a doctor fails to provide the necessary treatment, it could result in serious injuries. If an error is made that causes a birth injury such as cerebral palsy, the doctor may be held liable.

Parents are devastated to learn that their newborn has suffered a disabling birth injury. If your baby was injured at birth due to a mistake, you may be entitled to collect compensation for damages. Call the compassionate legal team at Udall Shumway PLC to schedule a consultation.

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