Prevent Children’s Injuries from Toys In Four Easy Ways

Every year there are more toys on the market – and more dangers as well. It is essential for parents to help prevent children’s injuries from toys, especially at this time of year. There are some things adults should do in order to ensure the safety of their children while playing with toys.

Purchase Age-Appropriate Toys for Children

Although children may request certain toys, the items may not always be safe for their particular age-group. Toys and games usually list the appropriate ages on the packaging. The defined age range for the toy was determined using many factors, including the safety of the toy. For example, toys with small parts are dangerous to small children, who could choke if they swallow them.

Inspect Toys Before Giving Them to Kids

Inspect toys before you allow children to play with them. Remove them from the box, and check for any broken parts, damaged areas, or other problems. If the toy needs to be assembled, make sure that you do so before you give it to the child. Remove any plastic or packaging items that could be hazardous.

Check for Recalled Toys and Games

When toys are found to be dangerous, they may be recalled. Sometimes recalled toys are still being sold, especially at discount stores. Always check online to make sure that a toy or game is not part of a safety recall. If so, return the item for a refund. Do not give defective or recalled toys to children.

Supervise Young Children During Play

Small children should always be supervised while they play. Even toys that seem safe could become harmful if they break, or are used in the wrong way. Keep toys meant for older children away from younger kids. Teach children the right way to play with their items, and regularly inspect them to make sure they continue to remain safe.

What to Do If an Injury Occurs

Children will get hurt from toys from time to time. If the toy is defective, or was not safe, the manufacturer or retailer could be responsible. If kids are harmed by toys or other products, they, or their parents, may be entitled to compensation for any damages that were incurred. If your child was seriously injured, contact the skilled personal injury lawyers at Udall Shumway PLC to schedule a consultation.

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