Beware of Alleged Immigration Advisors

The immigration process can be long, complicated and confusing. With so many different types of visas available and a variety of options and visa categories to choose from, foreign-nationals may feel the need to seek help from an advisor. However, applicants should beware of alleged immigration advisors who are not authorized to provide information or assistance.

Protect Yourself Against Dishonest Immigration Consultants

Many people advertise their services as immigration consultants. Yet many of these individuals or companies are not authorized to provide these types of services. Unfortunately, they may take advantage of immigrants who may not understand how the process works or may not speak English fluently. Before you agree to any services, be sure that the advisor is legitimate and can legally and competently give you the help you need. Remember that you may have only a limited time to submit your application. Do not lose valuable time by using an unscrupulous consultant who is unable to help you.

What Immigration Consultants Can and Cannot Do

Immigration consultants are not the same as accredited representatives. Immigration consultants are allowed to provide materials and forms, but they are not allowed to fill them out for you. They are not able to give you legal advice about immigration or advise you in any way. If you need help with immigration applications and submissions, you should seek help from a qualified attorney.

What You Should Not Do

There are some things you should not do when working with anyone regarding your visa application:

  • Do not sign any type of blank forms. Legitimate advisors will always provide forms that are completely filled in.
  • Get a copy of the form before you leave the office.
  • Do not make payments ahead of time for services that you have not yet received.
  • Do not pay extra to file forms that do not require additional fees.
  • Never provide personal information to anyone without first making sure of their legitimacy.

When to Consult with an Immigration Attorney

Immigration requirements and forms can be complicated and hard to understand. If you’re unsure of what type of visa you should get or even how to apply for a visa, consult with an experienced immigration attorney. It is also important to note that if you are facing any legal difficulties regarding your status, such as deportation, only an attorney will be able to provide the necessary assistance.

When you need help with immigration concerns, get help from a professional immigration attorney. Set up a consultation with Udall Shumway PLC  today.


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