When is Vehicle Crash Reconstruction Needed?

Vehicle accidents are a common occurrence. Most times, the accident is a minor one, with little damage and only insignificant injuries. When an accident is serious, steps must be taken to determine exactly how the crash happened. Many people wonder, when is vehicle crash reconstruction needed? Generally, only the most serious crashes, where a severe injury or death has occurred, require reconstruction.

How Vehicle Crash Reconstruction Takes Place

Vehicle crash reconstruction may be necessary in order to find out precisely how an accident happened, and to determine negligence. Professionals are brought to the scene of the incident. They take photos, make measurements, and review witness statements and other data. Other factors are also considered, such as the weather at the time of the accident. In fatal accidents, the vehicles may be left in place, and the road closed off, until the reconstruction team can evaluate the scene.

Reconstruction Options after the Accident

Sometimes, the victim or his family may file a lawsuit against the responsible driver. If reconstruction has not already been done, the plaintiff’s attorney may want to have it done. Reconstruction can often show responsibility for the accident, which is necessary to prove the case in court. For example, reconstruction may indicate that a truck improperly changed lanes, causing the accident and injuries. Your attorney will decide whether reconstruction is needed as part of the case.

Comparative Fault in Arizona Accidents

Arizona law provides for comparative fault in accidents. This means that all parties involved in the accident are assigned a portion of responsibility in the incident. Every party in the crash is liable for his or her own part of the accident. Reconstruction can be crucial in determining the percentage of fault in a serious vehicle crash. The amount of fault ascribed to each party is often done by a judge or jury when the case goes to court.

Legal Help after a Serious Accident

After a serious accident, the victim or his family may be hurt emotionally, physically, and financially. Although it may not be the first thing on the minds of those involved, it is imperative to speak with a qualified personal injury attorney as soon as possible after the incident. Usually, only accidents of a significant monetary value are likely to require reconstruction. This is because accident reconstruction can be costly. However, in many cases, it is well worth the expense.

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