When Should I Visit a Doctor After An Accident?

Almost everyone has been involved in an accident at one time or another. Most accidents are minor fender-benders, but some can be very serious. Even minor accidents can cause injuries to drivers and passengers. Some people wonder, when should I visit a doctor after an accident has occurred? Generally, anyone involved in an accident should get checked out by a doctor as soon as possible.

Seek Medical Attention as Quickly As You Can

It is usually advisable to seek medical attention as quickly as you can after an accident. This ensures that there are no questions later as to the cause of the injuries. Many people do not feel that they are hurt, and therefore do not initially go to the hospital. It is important to realize that some injuries could be internal, or may seem superficial, but may later prove to be serious. For instance, a bump on the head may turn out to be a severe concussion.

Explain the Cause of Your Injuries to the Doctor

When you visit the hospital or doctor after an accident, you need to explain the reason you are seeking treatment – specifically, that you were involved in an accident. It is essential that the doctors indicate the cause of your injuries on your medical records. This may become significant later, if a lawsuit is filed. For example, you could suffer from headaches after an accident. If the doctor does not indicate the accident as a cause of the injury, reimbursement could be denied.

Failure to Get Medical Attention Could Impact Your Case

Most accident victims do not immediately know whether they will file a lawsuit, and may not even realize that they should. It is necessary to understand that the failure to get medical attention immediately following an accident could be an indication that the injuries were not serious. For example, if you wait several days or more after an accident to visit a physician, it shows that your injuries are likely minor.

Keep All Your Medical Records

The law generally allows you to file a lawsuit within two years of an accident. During this time, you may undergo a number of different medical procedures, and may visit many various physicians and hospitals. It is important that you keep copies of every medical record generated, as well as every invoice and statement. This information will be invaluable in helping your attorney determine the damages you incurred because of the injury.

Those who were hurt in accidents may be entitled to collect money to cover their damages. Contact the attorneys at Udall Shumway PLC for a consultation to talk about your case.

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