Is Your Fear of Divorce Keeping You Together?

Many marriages end in divorce. There are plenty of horror stories and “cocktail talk” about people who have lost everything in a divorce, or children who are emotionally scarred. While these things can occur, they are the exception, not the rule. You may wonder if your fear of divorce is keeping you together. In some situations, that may be the case. Staying together out of fear of the unknown isn’t likely to make anyone happy in the long run.

Get Marital Counseling before You Divorce

If you are unsure about getting a divorce you and your spouse may want to seek marital counseling. A counselor or therapist is a trained professional who helps individuals and couples work through problems. By getting counseling, you will learn whether you and your spouse are both willing and able to stay together. Sometimes, therapy helps you learn that you are ready to end the relationship. In any event, pursue counselors who may be available to you through your health insurance plan to reduce cost but be sure to do research on anyone you are considering to ensure a good fit for the situation.

Consider All of Your Options

Before you file for divorce you should carefully consider all of your options. If you feel your marriage is over, you may be putting off the inevitable. If you tried counseling and your relationship didn’t improve, you could be headed for divorce. Consider speaking with  your spouse to discuss your relationship and decide together how to proceed.

Consult with a Qualified Divorce Attorney

Divorce today is easier and less stressful than ever before. Couples usually share parenting responsibilities so that both parents get to spend time with their children. Assets and property that were obtained while you were married generally belongs to both of you and should be divided equitably. You probably have many questions about divorce if you have never been through one. Schedule a consultation with a divorce lawyer. Your lawyer will answer your questions and provide you with general guidance as you begin the divorce process.

Cooling Off Period in Arizona

In Arizona, couples who file for divorce must wait for a period of 60 days after service of the Petition for Dissolution before the divorce can proceed. This time period is known as the cooling off period. It gives couples a chance to separate and make sure that they still want to end their marriage. This period can be used to help you work through your decision.

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