5 Tips for Resolving Disputes in Divorce

Divorce can be an extremely tumultuous experience. Emotions run high, and communication can break down. Couples need to work together to come to an agreement regarding the settlement terms of the divorce. Yet sometimes this can be difficult. Here are five tips for resolving disputes in divorce proceedings.

  1. Communicate More Effectively With Your Ex

Good communication is essential throughout a divorce. Of course, many couples had trouble talking to each other during the marriage, so it can be hard to speak about important matters now. Keep discussions to the issues at hand, and don’t try to rehash problems from the past. Be willing to walk away to cool down if tempers flare.

  1. Agree to Disagree About Minor Issues

Disagreements are likely to occur. You can keep them to a minimum when you simply acknowledge that disagreements will happen. Try not to let the difference of opinion get you worked up. Instead, keep in mind that both you and your spouse have real reasons behind your words, and your opinions have value. Let the minor problems go.

  1. Compromise To Prevent Problems from Occurring

Although your immediate reaction is often to dig in and protect your position, the opposite will get you much further. It’s better to choose the issues that you want to protect, and allow yourself to compromise on the others.

  1. Stay Focused on the Goal

Too many people get caught up in the details of the dispute and forget to look at the big picture. Remember that the goal is to separate your property and make decisions so that you can both move forward in a positive manner. When you get stuck in the weeds, you lose sight of the objective, and can cause a lot of strife in the process.

  1. Seek Help from a Professional

Some disputes are beyond your resolution capability. For these serious disagreements, professional assistance is helpful. First, allow your divorce attorney to take charge of the dispute. Your lawyer has the expertise and experience necessary to diffuse a difficult situation. If problems are more serious, a mediator may be helpful.

When you need help resolving disputes in a divorce, a reliable attorney will guide you through the process. Call the experienced lawyers at Udall Shumway PLC to schedule a consultation.


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