Preventing Dog Bite Injuries

Dog bite injuries are among the most painful of all injuries. When a dog bites it can easily rip the skin in a jagged pattern that cuts deep into the tissue. These injuries often require stitches and may leave the victim with permanent scars. In some cases, the victim needs rabies shots to keep from getting that potentially fatal viral disease.

Dog Leash Laws in Arizona

One of the best ways to prevent injuries from occurring is to ensure that the dog is kept on a leash at all times. The law requires pet owners to keep their dogs on a leash while they are in parks or near schools. Dogs are required to have updated vaccinations, and the animal must wear a collar and tag. When a dog is known to be dangerous, the owner is required to have their pet restrained with a leash.

Trained Dogs Are Less Likely to Bite

Dog training helps to keep pets under the control of their owners, even if the animal is off leash. The best time to train dogs is when they are young puppies. However, even older dogs can successfully complete obedience classes. Another part of training is socialization. Socialization allows dogs to become more comfortable around people and other animals. This can help to reduce the risk of dogs becoming aggressive with people.

Owners Are Responsible For Their Dogs

Generally speaking, dog owners are responsible for their dogs. They must keep them under control at all times. If a dog has been aggressive or has bitten a person or another dog, the owner is on notice. This means that the owner knows that his pet is dangerous and must take special precautions. For example, the dog may need to wear a muzzle whenever he is out in public areas or get a cage or carrier to carry your dog, if the dog is of the small variety. For larger dogs, a harness and optional choker can also help control the dog.

Teach Children How to Treat Pets

Dog bites can happen when pets are around children, or others, who taunt or tease them. Pulling the dog’s tail, jumping on the dog, or taking away the food bowl, are all actions that could cause a dog to become agitated. Even a normally gentle pet can respond by biting. Children should be taught to treat dogs respectfully. Adults should always closely supervise kids and pets when they are together.

When a dog bite happens it can have devastating results. The victim may need to take legal action to recover expenses for injuries and damages caused by the negligence of the dog owner. Contact the personal injury lawyers at Udall Shumway PLC for a consultation to discuss your case today.

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