There are Several Reasons Why You Need a Second Opinion

When we are suffering from a medical problem, we trust our health to doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals. Sometimes, however, mistakes can happen. Medical errors are a significant cause of death in the United States. Because errors may occur during diagnosis of a medical condition, you should likely consider a second opinion. Same thing with car accidents, when you end up in accident then get help from St. Louis Car Accident Lawyers.

Failure to Diagnose a Medical Condition

Sometimes you may go to the doctor with medical complaints, but the physician is unable to provide you with a diagnosis. After some evaluation, a medical exam, and some tests, the patient is sent home without any treatment. The failure to diagnose can be considered a medical mistake. If the condition worsens because of lack of treatment, the doctor may be held responsible for the resulting injuries.

Inadequate Medical Care Causes Harm

The failure to diagnose a medical condition isn’t the only problem that can cause harm to a patient. If the doctor makes an incorrect conclusion, you could receive the wrong treatment. Many types of treatments can cause harmful side effects, especially if they are unnecessary. In the meantime, your actual medical problem is not being care for, and is likely to worsen. For example, the failure to properly diagnose cancer may cause it to progress and worsen.

Negligent Actions of a Doctor

Medical negligence, also called medical malpractice, happens when a doctor makes a mistake, or fails to give adequate treatment to a patient. If the patient’s condition worsens, or the patient dies because of the error, the doctor may be responsible. The victim, or his family, may seek legal recourse by filing a claim. Patients may be able to prevent such a situation by getting an examination and treatment from another physician.

A second can protect you from a medical mistake. If you suffered a serious injury or setback because of the negligence of a doctor, you may be entitled to compensation. Call the experienced lawyers at Udall Shumway PLC to schedule a consultation today.


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