How to Create and Maintain a Fair Visitation Schedule

Divorce is almost always a difficult and stressful experience, but for families with children, splitting up can be devastating. Both parents want to spend as much time as possible with their kids. Part of the process of dissolving the marriage includes making important decisions regarding the children. It is helpful to known how to create and maintain a fair visitation schedule.

Both Parents Share Parenting Time

Parenting time can be shared equally between parents in many situations. Even when equal parenting time is not an option, the non-custodial parent should be allowed a fair amount of time with the child. The time can be spent during the week as well as on weekends. Children will soon become accustomed to their new schedules, and will often adapt to the new family situation quite easily.

Parenting Plans Help Keep Things Fair

A parenting plan is a detailed guideline that is most effective when created with input from both spouses. The plan provides specifics about when and how visitation will take place. A plan that is extremely detailed will give parents the information they need to properly maintain schedules with their child. When creating a plan, include all the exact dates and times of visitation. Parenting plans are extremely useful for managing time children are not in school.

Plan for Holidays and Vacations

A fair visitation schedule accounts for  dividing holidays and school vacations. These are times that both parents usually want to spend more hours with their kids. They may also want to take the kids on vacation. Look at the calendar and also your children’s school calendar so you can specify the precise dates of holidays and vacations. Plan to allow kids to spend time with both parents during important celebrations.

Meet the Needs of the Child

A good parenting  plan puts the needs of the child ahead of those of the parents. The needs of a young child are certainly different than those of an older child. Therefore, the parenting plan may need to be adjusted from time to time as the child grows up. Remember that parents need to remain flexible in allowing each other to have quality time with the kids. The courts will always try to protect the welfare of the child.

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