What to Do If You Get a Notice of Action

Immigrants who are living in the United States may receive correspondence from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Any letter that is provided by the USCIS details important information that should not be ignored. You may wonder what to do if you get a notice of action. A notice of action is communication that alerts you to some action that must be taken.

Reasons for a Notice of Action

There are various reasons why you may receive a notice of action. It is provided to alert you about something that you must do. It is generally sent after you submit an application for a visa. For example, the notice may provide the date and time of an upcoming appointment, it may be a response to a request, or it could simply indicate the receipt of a visa application. A notice of action is an important message that you must review as soon as possible.

You Must Respond to a Notice of Action

If you receive a notice of action you must respond. The notice will indicate why it is being sent, as well as what you need to do. The notice will provide you with important details regarding the steps that you must take. Remember that all official correspondence will come from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and the letter may be printed on both sides. If you are not sure whether the item you received is legitimate, contact DHS.

Provide Important Documentation or Information

In some cases, you may receive a notice of action when an application you submitted is missing important information that is required for processing. You must send the documentation requested by the deadline provided or your application will be denied. If your application is denied you may need to begin the application process again. The notice may request you to attend an interview. You must make arrangements to attend on the date and time indicated.

Make Sure You Understand the Notice

The notice contains information that is pertinent to your immigration case. It is essential that you fully understand your requirements and take immediate steps to fulfill them. If you are unsure about the request, get help from an experienced immigration attorney before taking action. Always keep all information that you receive regarding your immigration. Call the skilled lawyers at Udall Shumway PLC for guidance after receiving a notice of action.

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