Do You Know Your Immigration Status?

Obtaining a visa is often a lengthy and complex process. After you submit your application, you will want to know where it stands since you could be required to provide a valid visa in some situations. Do you know your immigration status? If not, you should learn how to find out.

Find Out Your Status Online

Once your application has been accepted, you can check its status online through the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) website. You will need to provide specific details of your case and other data in order to obtain information. These details are not released to anyone except those who are eligible to know.

Immigrants Must Carry Documentation at All Times

Those who have valid visas are required to carry their documentation with them at all times. This is necessary to prevent problems with detainment. For example, if you are arrested for a crime the police will need to verify your legal status. If you are not able to provide your documents, you may be detained as an undocumented immigrant for a period of time until your status can be proven.

Childhood Arrivals without Proper Documentation

Some people who arrived in the United States as young children may be unaware of their illegal status. Typically, these childhood arrivals are not sought after for removal actions. They may not find out they do not have legal documentation until they apply for college or try to obtain a passport. These individuals may be eligible for deferred action, allowing them some time to resolve the problem and apply for a green card.

Problems Due to Inadequate or Missing Documentation

Problems may arise if you are in the United States without having legal authority to be there. If you are unable to produce a valid visa, you could be subject to removal. The removal process generally begins with a notice to appear. You then have an opportunity to provide details and proof of why you should remain in the country, and a judge will determine whether you should be deported. If so, you may not be able to return to the U.S. for a period of time that may be ten years or longer.

If you are unsure of your immigration status, you may need help from an experienced attorney. Call the immigration lawyers at Udall Shumway PLC to discuss the details of your situation.

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