How to File the I-485 Petition

Immigrants who qualify for an adjustment of status must complete the appropriate form. You must know how to file the I-485 petition, also known as an adjustment of status petition. An I-485 petition is used for those who are eligible to apply for a green card, and are able to do so while they remain in the United States. The application must be filled out properly and you must include all required documentation.

Fill Out the Form Completely

The I-485 petition form has many blank areas that must be filled in by the petitioner. Some of these, such as your name, are easy to fill in. Others can be slightly more difficult. For example, the form requests your Social Security number. If you do not have a Social Security number you should leave that space blank. The same is true for the alien number. The failure to fill out the required areas could result in your petition being delayed or denied.

Date of Your Last Arrival

Part I of the petition asks you to provide your last date of arrival in the United States. This is the date of your most recent entry into the country. Many people simply indicate the date they first came to the U.S., but this is incorrect. If you have left the U.S. and re-entered you must provide only the latest date. If you utilized a waiver, provide your I-94 number to prove that you used the Visa Waiver Program (VWP).

Additional Documents to Provide with the I-485

There are a number of additional documents and forms that must be included with the I-485 form. As proof of eligibility you must provide your green card. A biographic data sheet must be completed and included (Form G-325A). Your completed medical examination sheet must be included in a sealed envelope. Additionally, an Affidavit of Support must show that you are able to provide financial support if you are applying through a family member. If you want to work, you must include a request for permission to work (Form I-765).

Provide all Information to Avoid Delay

You must read and follow the instructions of the I-485 Petition to avoid delay. Include two color photos, your birth certificate, and any required fees. It may take some time for you to gather the documentation required. Be sure to review the specific requirements in your case. If you need help or have questions, contact the experienced lawyers at Udall Shumway PLC to discuss your case.

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