What If We Don’t Agree On School for Our Children

Going through a divorce can be difficult for couples, but it is especially hard for parents and their children. There are many issues that need to be resolved. Some of these matters are likely areas that you and your spouse previously disagreed on. Many people wonder, “What If We Don’t Agree On School for Our Children?” During and after a divorce, both parents should try to come to an agreement regarding the major issues that impact the children.

Discuss Your Children’s Education Options Early

Many parents do not discuss education during the divorce because they assume that the children’s school will remain the same. This is a mistake. You should discuss your expectations of your child’s education so that you can resolve potential disputes before they occur. Parents may each have a different idea of how and where their children’s education should be handled. Or it may be necessary for one or both parents to move to a new home in a new school district. For this reason it is best to talk about it and make the decision part of the divorce agreement.

What’s best for Your Children?

In Arizona, as in other states, the judge makes decisions based on what is in the best interest of the child. Parents are expected to work together to make choices that are best for their kids. Some considerations should include factors such as how long your child has been attending his current school and whether the school is able to meet the particular needs of the child. The child himself may be asked for his preferences in the matter.

Seek Assistance from a Mediator

A mediator may be helpful in resolving serious disagreements, either before or after a divorce is completed. This is a professional who specializes in objectively assisting couples in communicating about their disputes. You and your spouse may need to attend one or more sessions to get through your impasse. In some cases, mediation does not produce effective results.

An Experienced Attorney Will Help

Your child’s education is a very serious matter, and one that should not be taken lightly. When couples are unable to come to an agreement, the court may end up having to make decisions on behalf of the child based upon established case law and considerations of the best interests of the child. Your attorney should be experienced in handling even the most difficult situations in divorce so that you can count on them to act as a negotiator between you and your spouse.

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