What If I Was Injured by My Dentist?

Dentists are expected to help resolve our dental problems. Sometimes, however, dental procedures result in injuries. Many people wonder if they’ve been injured by their dentist. As with any other type of medical treatment, a dentist is required to provide proper care. When a dentist makes a mistake or fails to provide proper care, he could be negligent. Negligent dental care is also known as dental malpractice.

Negligent Care by a Dentist

When a dentist is negligent, the result could be serious injury to the patient. It is important to know that not all failed dental treatments are the result of negligence. Sometimes, a procedure does not work as it should or becomes infected even though the dentist took adequate precautions. Some common problems that may be due to negligent care include nerve damage during root canals, oral surgery mistakes, and injection errors.

You May Need to Take Legal Action

If you were seriously hurt because of negligent care by your dentist, you may have a cause to bring legal action. You must be able to prove that the dentist did not provide the proper standard of care that is necessary, and that he was negligent in the care provided. Generally, you will need to show that the dentist did something wrong, and that this caused you to suffer injuries. A qualified personal injury attorney will review your situation to determine your options.

Damages in a Dental Malpractice Case

George from Canyon Rim Dental in Salt Lake weighs in with his concerns and advice that dental injuries can often be severe, and they are often quite painful. Mistakes made during dental procedures may be considered negligent. For example, after a root canal, a patients may experience severe pain and swelling that does not subside. They then visit another dentist and find that their nerve was damaged during surgery. This may likely be dental malpractice.

Proof Necessary in Malpractice Cases

When you have been hurt by a dentist, it is essential to obtain documentation necessary to prove your case. Although dental problems require emergency treatment, you should always inform the new dentist that your original treatment was problematic. The new treatment should include details regarding how the procedure harmed you and what steps had to be taken to resolve your injury.

If you were injured by your dentist, you may need to take legal action. If the dentist was negligent, you may be owed money for damages such as dental expenses, lost wages, and compensation for pain and suffering. Contact the experienced legal team at Udall Shumway PLC to schedule a consultation today.

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