Aggressive Driving May Have Serious Consequences

Vehicle accidents continue to rise, and often they are quite serious. There are a number of reasons why crashes occur. One of the most frequent causes of accidents is aggressive driving. Aggressive driving, also known as road rage, is becoming increasingly common. Aggressive driving may have serious consequences including injuries, deaths, and property damage.

What is Considered Aggressive Driving?

Aggressive driving is defined as progressively increasing illegal driving actions that put others at risk. Aggressive driving typically combines two or more dangerous activities that are hazardous to others on the road. For example, speeding alone is not typically considered aggressive. However, when combined with driving on the shoulder, illegally changing lanes, and failing to stop at a stop sign, the driver may be driving aggressively.

Aggressive Driving Causes Severe Crashes

Aggressive drivers are often emboldened because of their anonymity behind the wheel. Since nobody really knows who you are, you are able to become more daring and take more chances than you may usually take. Unfortunately, aggressive actions can cause accidents. Drivers may be unable to avoid an accident, or may make poor judgments, which often result in crashes. Aggressive drivers may also cause others to have accidents when they try to avoid the aggressive driver.

Aggressive Driving is Similar to Road Rage

Road rage and aggressive driving are similar: they both involve dangerous driving. However, road rage is considered criminal, while aggressive driving may result in traffic violations. Both actions come with penalties, which may include suspension of your driver’s license, jail time, and fines. If the driver repeats the behavior, they could face even more serious penalties. Further, if the dangerous driving actually resulted in an accident with injuries, the driver may be held liable for his negligence.

What to Do About Aggressive Driving

Do not get into a vehicle if you are angry or irritated. Wait until you have cooled off before getting behind the wheel. If you find yourself feeling frustrated while you are driving, pull over to take a break. If you find yourself near an aggressive driver on the road, stay as far away as possible. If the driver is acting erratically, call the police. Do not engage the driver and do not chase the vehicle, as this action could provoke further hostility.

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