Pile Up Crashes in Arizona Are Caused by Many Factors

Vehicle accidents occur every day in Arizona. Most of these crashes are minor, but some can be very serious. Pile up crashes are among the most severe because they typically involve a large number of vehicles. These types of accidents often occur due to low visibility or poor road conditions. Drivers are unable to see an accident until it is too late, and then they also become involved in the crash.

What Causes Pile Up Accidents

Pile ups may be caused by one of various factors. Poor visibility due to dust is one of the most common reasons for pile-ups in Arizona. Dust storms make it difficult to see. If an accident occurs, drivers behind the accident don’t see it until it is too late to stop. Another reason for a multiple vehicle crash is the occurrence of bad weather, such as torrential rain.

Injuries Caused by Pile Up Crashes

Multiple car accidents often cause very serious injuries and deaths. Vehicles slam into others from behind, often at a high rate of speed. This causes vehicles to become smashed, and in some cases, they might catch on fire. Victims may need to be extricated if they are trapped in crushed cars. Dozens of people can be hurt, and it may take hours to reach all of them. Broken bones, head trauma, spinal cord, and internal injuries are among the most serious

Prevention of Multiple Car Accidents

Pile up crashes can usually be prevented. Drivers need to drive slowly if visibility is low. It’s recommended that you pull off the road when conditions are dangerous, and stay in the right lane if you are traveling slowly. Do not speed in areas that are known for crashes, and remain alert so that you can react quickly if a problem arises. Ensure that your vehicle is properly maintained and that it is mechanically sound.

Seeking Legal Action after an Accident

If you were seriously hurt in an accident, you may be facing expensive medical care. The negligent party should be held responsible for the resulting damages. In the case of multiple car crashes, determining fault can be difficult and complicated. Turn to an experienced attorney to assist in gathering information and evaluating the accident to determine the cause. Because Arizona is a comparative negligence state, you may be able to get compensation, even if you were partly at fault.

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