Do I Have a Personal Injury Case? Here are Five Ways to Know

Accidents and crashes happen on a regular basis. Sometimes, the accident results in astronomical expenses and causes hardship to the victim and his family. Some people wonder, do I have a personal injury case? Here are five ways to know:

  1. Did You Get Seriously Hurt?

In order to be able to recover damages from a case you must have suffered some actual harm. If you were seriously hurt because of the accident, you may have a reason to file a case. Severe injuries can be devastating, and may require expensive medical treatment. Minor injuries, such as bumps or bruises, may not be enough to warrant legal action.

  1. Is Someone Else Responsible for the Accident?

When an accident occurs, it may be caused by someone else. In Arizona, comparative negligence applies. A portion of responsibility will be assigned to each party. The person responsible, even partially, should be made to pay their portion of expenses caused by the accident.

  1. Did Someone Else’s Negligence Contribute to the Accident?

Accidents happen every day. However, for a case to be made against a party, they must be negligent. This means that they knew, or should have known, that their actions could cause serious harm or death. For example, if a speeding vehicle hits another car, the driver may be negligent because he was traveling faster than the safe limit.

  1. Do You Have Damages?

You must have suffered damages in order to be able to file a lawsuit. Damages include a number of different things including both real and punitive. Some examples of damages are medical bills, rehabilitation costs, future care, money for pain and suffering, legal fees, and lost wages. These or other damages may also apply to your case, depending on the circumstances.

  1. Did A Family Member Become Disabled or Die?

If someone died or became disabled as a result of the accident, it may indicate that a legal case is possible. A disability may be physical or mental. For instance, a person could suffer brain damage due to a severe head injury. This may result in a lifelong disability. If a loved one died, the costs associated with medical care and loss of life could apply.

If any of these apply to your situation, you may have the grounds for a legal case. Contact the experienced lawyers at Udall Shumway PLC to discuss the details with a consultation today.

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