Understanding a Notice of Action

If you receive a letter from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) you understandably may be a little concerned. But by understanding a notice of action – and the different types of notice of action letters – you’ll be aware of what’s expected of you, and you’ll be able to respond. A notice of action is a document that communicates information regarding your immigration status. The notice of action is also known as a Form I-797.

Types of Notice of Action Letters

The notice of action is a form that provides information, and in some cases, requires you to respond. There are various types of notices.

  • I-797. Provides information that a visa petition is approved
  • I-797A. A replacement for form I-94 (arrival / departure record)
  • I-797 B. Approval of an alien worker petition
  • I-797C. Communicates a variety of information (rejections, interviews, biometrics, appointments)
  • I-797D. Benefit cards
  • I-797E. Request for evidence
  • I-797F. Transportation letter to allow travel

Most Common Types

The most common notice of action is likely I-797C. This document is used to inform you of the date and time of an interview and biometric appointment. The interview is the next step in the visa process. The interview takes place at a local immigration office. You will also need to have your fingerprints taken and a background check completed. The notice of action is also provided to let you know that your visa petition was rejected.

Read and Respond

It is important that you immediately read and respond when you receive a notice of action. In some cases, you will be required to provide further information or attend a meeting. You must not ignore a notice of action because if you miss a due date you could jeopardize your pending visa. The notice will be sent to the address that you provided through the USCIS. If your address changed you must complete a change of address so that you are certain to receive communications.

Get Help

Immigration issues can be serious and frightening. With changes to immigration laws that continue to be made, it is essential to review the information provided in any communication received regarding your status. Help is available to those who receive letters from the USCIS. An attorney who specializes in immigration issues will assist you with your visa concerns. Call the lawyers at Udall Shumway PLC to schedule a consultation to discuss your case.

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