Joe’s Law – Senate Bill 1054

The parents of a teen killed in a horrific traffic accident are asking for legislation to be passed.  Joe’s Law, Senate Bill 1054, is a law that is named after the son who tragically died in an accident on Interstate 10. The law is a response to the lack of adequate legislation to require drivers to be tested for alcohol and drugs following an accident.

 Determining the Cause of a Crash

After a serious or fatal crash, the victim’s family is devastated. They need to know all of the factors that caused the accident. The police and other investigators typically evaluate the crash scene, and may even reconstruct the accident. They review witness statements and other factors to try to establish how the accident occurred and who was responsible. Current laws do not require drivers to undergo drug or alcohol testing after a serious crash.

Requirements for Drug and Alcohol Testing

In Arizona, drivers are required to submit to testing only if they are arrested for DUI, driving under the influence. However, there is a loophole in the law that does not require drivers involved in accidents to submit to the same testing. In the case that began the quest for Joe’s Law, the truck driver responsible for the crash was not asked to take a test. The police officer stated that the driver appeared lethargic but explained it by saying he was tired. The family thinks that the driver was driving while impaired.

Support for Joe’s Law is growing

The support for Joe’s Law is continuing to grow. The bill is one step closer to passing, and is to be brought before the senate later this year. Thousands of supporters have signed petitions to make Senate Bill 1054 into law. If it passes, the law will help resolve many of the unanswered questions following serious and fatal crashes in Arizona. Those driving vehicles involved in accidents would have to submit to testing for both drugs and alcohol in their systems.

Making Drivers Responsible for Their Actions

All drivers should be held accountable for their actions while behind the wheel. The victim of a serious crash should be able to determine that the other driver was negligent by driving impaired. This testing seems common sense, and is expected to pass because it has a lot of support. The law will make it easier to prove negligence in vehicle accident cases.

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