Top Five Signs Your Spouse Might be Cheating

It is a situation that no one would think possible. After all, your marriage vows were clear about your devotion and the fact that both of you are committed to one another for the rest of your life. However, adultery does happen. In fact, some studies suggest that 45 to 50 percent of married women and 50 to 60 percent of married men have had extramarital affairs during some point of the marriage. If you suspect that your spouse is cheating, you might also be considering your options for legal separation or filing divorce. Keep in mind, however, Arizona is a no-fault divorce state except in the event you are in a covenant marriage. Therefore, you do not have to blame or show responsibility to end your marriage. Instead, you only must tell the courts that it was irretrievably broken.

A cheating spouse’s behavior, however, could be relevant in a divorce in one of two ways: 1) if the person with whom the spouse had an affair is still in the spouse’s life, will be around the children, and is someone with a criminal or other checkered history; or 2) if community funds were spent in the furtherance of the affair (think gifts, vacations, etc.). So, knowing the signs and having evidence to the fact could help you during your divorce with respect to these two narrow issues.

Five Signs Your Spouse is Committing Adultery

  1. Password Protection: If your spouse is suddenly password protecting everything from their computer to their phone, they might have something to hide. However, do not automatically assume they are Passwords might have been a requirement for work, too.
  2. Decreased or Increased Intimacy: Your spouse might have reduced desire for intimacy with you, while in some cases they could have heightened intimacy out of nowhere because they have feelings of guilt.
  3. Blaming You: If your spouse is suddenly blaming you for things that they never did before, or finding a way to pit arguments against you, they may be unconsciously comparing you to the man or woman that they are seeing.
  4. Appearance: A person who is engaging in an extramarital affair may start to take greater care or change their appearance. That might include frequently going to the gym, changing clothes, changing hairstyles, etc.
  5. Unexplained Expenses: Many cheating spouses are smart enough to take cash instead of using the joint credit cards for their hotels and dates. However, if your spouse was never one to use cash and now is suddenly taking money out on the nights he or she stays out later, then it might be cause for concern.

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