Private Investigators In Divorce Cases. Should I Hire One?

Most people think of a private investigator like they might have seen in Hollywood films. However, this is not realistic. There may be a role for private investigators in divorce cases in the real world, but their work might not be as dramatic as portrayed on TV.

How an Investigator Helps with a Divorce Case

Your divorce attorney might suggest a private investigator for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Gathering evidence to establish infidelity if this is required to dissolve a covenant marriage;
  • Helping locate hidden assets or bank accounts;
  • Proving drug abuse or other behaviors that are dangerous to children.

However, most of the evidence collected by a private investigator is circumstantial, and not all that evidence can be used in court. Instead, it is often more helpful during divorce negotiations.

Three Reasons to Consider a Private Investigator in a Divorce Case

  1. You Need to Locate Hidden Assets

If you feel that your spouse is hiding assets so that they do not have to equally distribute them during a divorce, then hiring a private investigator could help find those assets. The investigator may find secret bank accounts, overseas investments, and other assets that were hidden.

  1. Establishing Infidelity

Arizona is a no-fault divorce state, but if you have a covenant marriage, you can use the evidence of infidelity as a reason for your filing divorce.

  1. Win Your Custody Battle

You may feel your ex-spouse is inadequate or unsafe for your children, but the courts will need some proof of that. You must furnish evidence to the court that one parent is unfit to have custody of or parenting time with your children.

To do this, your investigator may find evidence that proves drug abuse, alcohol abuse, or other unacceptable and dangerous behaviors.

An Attorney Can Determine if a PI is Required

Most divorce cases are not as dramatic as they seem in the movies, but your attorney may request a private investigator if you have complex issues like those mentioned above. To explore your options and see if your case will need a PI’s assistance, contact a family law advocate at Udall Shumway, PLC today.


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