How Long Does a Divorce Take to Finalize in Arizona?

Filing for divorce in Arizona means that you must comply with several rules dictated by the Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure. These rules are complex and can be difficult to understand; therefore, it is in your best interest if you speak with a family law attorney to ensure you are following those rules accordingly. The amount of time it takes to file and finalize a divorce in Arizona depend on numerous factors, including whether your divorce is contested, requires litigation, or needs to work out a parenting time arrangement.

Limitations for Filing

To file for divorce in Arizona, you or your spouse must be a resident of the state for a minimum of 90 days before you can file, per ARS Section 25-312. Therefore, if you are not a resident and/or have not been one for long enough and your spouse is not/has not been either, you may have to wait the three-month period before you can file the petition for a dissolution of marriage.

Understanding the Process of Filing for Divorce

There are numerous steps that you or your divorce attorney will follow for the dissolution. First, you must collect all necessary documents required to file your petition. Once the petition is filed, the copies must be served on your spouse, the respondent. Then, your spouse has a 20-day window from the time they receive those documents to respond to the petition presuming they were served within Arizona (30 days if they were served outside of Arizona).

How Long the Entire Divorce Process Could Take

After the dissolution is served, there is a 60-day cool off period, which must elapse before you can finalize your divorce. Even if you both agree, you still must wait the period of 60 days before the divorce is final. If you do not agree to the terms of the divorce, you will have to schedule a trial date, which is often several months out. Then, once trial has been conducted, a judge has up to 60 days to issue a ruling.

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