Common Mistakes Made When Applying for Visas

Applying for a Visa to the United States is quite involved. To secure a visa, you must complete several steps. If you miss a step or do a step incorrectly, then your application could be denied, and you could wait months or years to re-apply. Some mistakes made when applying for visas are more common than others. So, when applying for your visa, it is imperative that you know these frequent mistakes and do what you can to avoid them.

What Are the Most Common Visa Petition Mistakes?

It is best to work with an immigration attorney while completing a visa petition. An attorney can offer you advice on your paperwork, and also help you complete the forms correctly.

1. Not Confirming Eligibility Before Applying

There are various types of visas, and you must apply for the proper one. Each type has specific eligibility requirements, so confirm you are eligible for that visa before filing your petition. Also, you might have to prove that you have the training or a particular background to qualify for special visas.

2. Not Sending Supporting Documentation

USCIS does not take your word for your qualifications. Instead, you have a list of supporting documentation that you must supply along with your petition. The application could be rejected if you fail to include evidence or supporting documents.

3. Lying on Your Visa Petition

Lying on a petition could permanently bar you from ever applying in the future. Furthermore, leaving out information is considered lying. The USCIS standards require that you always provide accurate and valid information.

4. Waiting to Prepare Your Petition Near the Deadline

All visa petitions have specific time limits, but you should not wait until the last minute. Securing a visa takes time, and when you rush the petition, you are more likely to make mistakes.

5. Not Hiring an Immigration Attorney

Again, visa petitions are highly complicated. Therefore, the biggest mistake people make with their U.S. visa petition is not hiring an experienced immigration attorney to help them. Your attorney can ensure you do not make these common errors, and also ensure that your application is not unnecessarily delayed or denied without reason.

Contact an Immigration Attorney for Assistance with Your Visa Petition

If you are applying for a work visa, education visa or family visa, you need an attorney. The immigration lawyers at Udall Shumway, PLC can assist you with your case.

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