How Does the US Citizenship Test Work?

The US Citizenship Test, also known as the Naturalization Test, is a test you must complete to become a naturalized citizen of America. During your interview, you will answer questions about your background and your knowledge of the country. You are also required to take specific tests unless you qualify for a waiver. Anyone looking to naturalize into the country must understand how these tests work and the difficulties of taking them, and take proper preparation coursework to ensure success.

The Interview Process for Naturalization

To become a citizen, you must appear at a personal citizenship immigration interview. You first will file Form N-400, which gives you an appointment for the naturalization interview. Before the interview, you are called in to submit fingerprints.

The interview is designed to review your application, test your knowledge, and see if you can speak, read, and understand English. Then, the officer overseeing your interview will decide if you are eligible for naturalization.

The Steps of the Naturalization Interview and Testing

You will go through several stages of the interview and testing process, and you should prepare for the tests. The USCIS has study manuals on their website to help you prepare. You can also access the scoring guidelines for the trial, which tell you what is required to pass.

The English Test

The English test gives you three sentences in English, which you must be able to read aloud. Then, you will be given three different sentences to write in English. Lastly, the officer will assess your ability to answer questions in English and how you speak during the interview.

The Civics Test

The civic test examines your knowledge of United States history and how the country’s government works. There are ten questions, and six of them must be answered correctly to pass this portion of the test.

Exceptions for Testing

There are exceptions to the naturalization tests. You might be exempt from the English test but still required to complete the Civics test if you are 50 years old or older and have lived as a green card holder for 20 or more years in the country. Certain medical disabilities might also give you an exemption from both tests.

Apply for Naturalization with an Attorney

An immigration attorney can help you complete the necessary forms, and also assist you if you fail your test. Failures happen, but that does not mean you are without options. Udall Shumway, PLC can help you prepare, file, and appeal when necessary.

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