The Punishment for Buying a Fake Green Card

While green cards may be easy to obtain, doing so will result in dire consequences. As an immigrant, a fake green card is a federal offense and a deportable one at that. As punishment, the courts will likely imprison you within the United States, and upon release, deport you to your original country. Also, buying a fake green card qualifies as a crime of moral turpitude, which means you could be permanently barred from entering the country ever again.

How Fake Green Cards Affect Immigration Eligibility

Any forged immigration document, including a green card or visa, affects your immigration eligibility in the United States. However, not all instances of falsified documentation permanently bar you from obtaining residency in the future. Nonetheless, if you are arrested or detained for falsified documents or carrying a fake green card, it is imperative that you seek counsel immediately. An immigration representative from Udall Shumway, PLC can assist you with your case.

Obtaining Residency After Document Fraud

Several court decisions have made it complicated to determine if an immigrant can re-enter the United States after using forged or fake documents. Under recent precedent, courts have decided that the green card inspection and the use of forged documents counts for admission if you initially contacted an immigration agent before entering. Your attorney might request a waiver due to humanitarian reasons, public interest, family unity, or a waiver signed by the attorney general.

The Ramifications of Fake Green Cards and Immigration Documentation

Typically, a person caught with fake or forged immigration documents is turned away from the country. Furthermore, they are deemed inadmissible if they attempt to re-enter later. If you are convicted of using forged green cards, you may have committed a crime of moral turpitude.

To avoid becoming barred from the United States permanently, you need an immigration attorney. If you have already been arrested for using a fake green card, an attorney may be able to prevent you from facing criminal charges.

The best way to enter the country is by speaking with a lawyer instead of resorting to false documentation. Udall Shumway, PLC can help you with your green card application, and there are visa options that might help you get into the country legally.

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