Ten Reasons to Never Do a DIY Divorce

A DIY divorce always seems like the right way to go. After all, you can omit attorney fees and not worry about battling it out in court. However, there are ten reasons to never do a DIY divorce – no matter how much you think it might save you.

Ten Reasons Why a DIY Divorce Could Leave You Worse Off

Hiring a divorce attorney is the best way to ensure you receive a fair divorce settlement, but also that all aspects are covered – including child support and legal decision-making authority.

1. Courtrooms Have Procedures

Judges hold self-represented parties to the same standard of an attorney as far as following courtroom procedure, disclosure requirements, and pleading filing standards. Claiming ignorance will not guarantee forgiveness for failing to abide by these rules and there could be serious consequences for not doing so.

2. Motions are Critical

Your case may require more than the standard process for finalizing the case.  Your matter may require certain pretrial motions or temporary orders to be filed which can be complex.

3. Asset Division

Asset division is often more than splitting everything down the middle. You must know the statutes regarding is the characterization of an asset, how it is divided, and what to do when they are contested.

4. Liability Division

You must divide all marital debts, which is a contested area where you might get stuck will bills that were never yours.

5. Emotional Strain

The entire DIY process can lead to severe emotional distress. Divorce is stressful enough, but learning the complexities of the law does not help.

6. Mistakes

Numerous mistakes happen with DIY divorces. Not only could you agree to something that is not in your favor, but once it is finalized, it is very hard to change later. Omitted provisions or failing to consider the “what ifs” could result in expensive problems down the road.

7. Legal Rights

Whether you are the petitioner or respondent, husband or wife, mother or father, you have legal rights. An attorney can help identify and protect those rights during your divorce.

8. Denial

If you do not perform the required tasks as provided by law, the judge might deny your divorce entirely – forcing you to start the process over.

9. Fees

To correct mistakes, you might end up paying for a lawyer regardless. Sometimes the court will order you to pay for your spouse’s attorney, even if you did not have one.

10. Parenting Time

Finding a proper parenting time schedule is not easy. If you cannot agree on parenting time with your children, you need an attorney that understands how to apply the statute using the facts and circumstances unique to your case.

Bottom Line: Divorce Attorneys are Better than DIY

While you might save money, you will cost yourself much more than you realize with a DIY divorce. Let Udall Shumway, PLC help you with your divorce, custody, and child support.

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