Tips for Filing an Immigration Petition

When filing an immigration petition for an entrance visa, you must do so properly. The United States Custom and Immigration Services (USCIS) does not keep it a secret on how to properly do these forms. Every immigration petition comes with instructions on how to fill out the petitions and applications including what documentation is required, what fields you must complete, and so forth.

Essential Tips for Completing a Visa Petition Properly

There is no guarantee your petition will be accepted or that you will receive a visa. However, there are ways to improve the chances just by filling out your forms correctly.

Complete All Forms Accurately

If you do not know an answer, do not guess. You must always complete your immigration petition accurately and truthfully. Furthermore, you are required to use black ink when hand writing applications. Also, USCIS requires that the entire form be complete and if you make an error, you must start a new form. White-out and crossing out errors is not acceptable.

Submit All Evidence and Supporting Documentation

Depending on the visa petition you file, you will have an instruction form that lists all documents and evidence required. Your supporting documents must be translated and certified by an English translator. You can submit copies of your forms unless the instructions need original documents specifically.

Pay the Fees

All too often foreign nationals will complete their forms, compile the proper evidence, but then forget to pay the fee for their petition. You must pay the correct fee; otherwise, your application is returned.

All filing fees are listed on the USCIS website. Furthermore, you might qualify for a fee waiver.

Follow Mailing Instructions

Each type of visa petition has their designated mailing office. This makes it easier for immigration officers to sort and input applications they receive. Therefore, be careful about the address you use to mail in your visa petition. Sending it to the wrong location might mean it is returned or lost in the wrong department.

Get Proof of Receipt

Lastly, you should receive Notice of Action, which shows your receipt number and the office that is handling your petition. If you do not get the notification, you can call the USCIS line for an update.

Consider Hiring an Attorney

While you could go through the visa petition process yourself, sometimes it is beneficial to hire an attorney. Udall Shumway, PLC has an excellent team of immigration experts standing by and ready to help.

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