What Are the Requirements of an EB-2 Green Card?

There are a variety of green cards available for those overseas looking to immigrate to the United States for work. One of those options is the EB-2 Green Card. Unlike other visas and green cards, meeting the requirements for the EB-2 is extremely difficult, and it is reserved for only a small group of immigrants.

EB-2 Visa is Reserved for Advanced Degree Professionals

An educated foreign worker might receive an employment-based green card in the country through use of the EB-2 Visa. This is listed as the second out of the five preference categories available from the USCIS.

There are two subcategories of this visa. The most common individuals use the advanced professional category. The second category is those with an exceptional ability in business, arts, or science that will benefit the United States’ economy.

Exploring the Two Categories of EB-2 Visas

To qualify for an EB-2 Visa, you must know what sub-category you fall into, then follow the strict requirements and evidence that you must submit with your application.

Advanced Degree EB-2 Visa

The most common are the Advanced Degree EB-2.

To use this status, you must apply for a job that requires advanced degrees, and you must have that degree or the equivalent. Furthermore, you must have five years of progressive work experience using that degree.

To apply for the Advanced Degree status, you must have documentation that shows your advanced degree, work history (including letters from employers), and examples of your five-year work history.

Exceptional Ability EB-2 Visa

The Exceptional Ability is reserved for those with unique education and experience in science, arts, and business.

The USCIS defines special ability as a degree of expertise that is above what is found ordinarily within those same industries. Some qualifications for this might include:

  • Official academic records
  • A license to practice that profession
  • Letters qualifying ten years of experience
  • Recognition (global or national) for your expertise
  • Evidence that you have a higher salary that proves your excellence
  • Membership to professional organizations

Work with an Immigration Attorney for Your EB-2 Visa

The EB-2 green card is extremely hard to obtain. Furthermore, this type of visa maxes out on applications at the start of the year. Therefore, it is best that you get a jump start on your green card application with an immigration attorney from Udall Shumway, PLC.

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