Limousine Accident Liability – Who Is At Fault?

An accident involving a limousine is often the direct result of a negligent limo chauffeur. Often, the personal injury includes permanent injuries because most occupants of limousines do not wear seatbelts. The sheer weight and size of a limousine also generates a heartier impact — thus, leading to further damage to the human body. So, what is limousine accident liability and who will be accountable?

The Passengers Expectation of Reasonable Safety and Care from their Driver

As a passenger of a limousine, you have an expectation that the drivers operating those vehicles are professional, safe, and properly trained. You have an expectation of receiving reasonable care by the service, and the capacity of the person operating that vehicle.

However, an accident happens when a breach of duty occurs.  When you suffer a catastrophic personal injury, such as head trauma, lacerations, broken bones, or internal organ damage, that breach of duty makes the company liable.

What About the Liability of the Driver?

The limousine company is often held liable for the actions of their driver. Some will attempt to skirt the liability laws by hiring their drivers as independent contractors. However, the driver and company carry licenses in the state of Arizona. Therefore, they must follow specific regulations.

In this instance, the company and driver are required to provide the utmost care to all passengers. That includes inspecting their vehicles, training, and reassessing driver performance, and exercising maximum safety always.

While the owner might be liable for your injuries, the driver, or the company responsible for manufacturing and maintaining the limousine could be equally liable for your personal injury claim.

Compensation You Might Receive for a Limousine Accident

After a limousine crash, you may seek compensation for your ongoing medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, loss of earning capacity and any further medical treatments required.

Speak with a Personal Injury Advocate Regarding Your Limousine Accident

While it might sound straightforward, these types of claims are highly complex and we recommend to contact Personal Injury Lawyers Columbia – Joye Law Firm to smack down claims just like these. Furthermore, you have multiple parties involved that make it difficult to determine fault.

The attorneys at Udall Shumway, PLC are here to advocate for you. We work to not only identify the at-fault parties but hold them accountable for their driver’s reckless behavior or their negligence when hiring and monitoring their drivers.

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