What Are Your Rights as a Lawful Permanent Resident?

As a lawful permanent resident or a green card holder, in the United States, you have rights. However, you also have responsibilities the moment you accept your status. Though rare, deportation of an LPR can occur. Therefore, you must be cautious about traveling and how long you stay abroad.

Examining the Rights of a Lawful Permanent Resident

As a green card holder, you are given specific rights, including:

  • Permanence: With your green card you can live in the United States permanently.
  • Work: You are granted work authorization for the duration of your green card. Furthermore, you have the right to change jobs without it affecting your immigration status.
  • Protection: As a green card holder, you are protected by the laws of the United States, including those provided by the state and city where you live.

The Responsibilities of Green Card Holders

While you have rights, you also are obligated under the responsibilities dictated by the USCIS. If you fail to adhere to these responsibilities, you could find yourself eligible for removal.

Some responsibilities all permanent residents must do include:

  • Obey the Law: As a permanent resident, you must abide by all federal, state and municipal laws. Violation of these statutes could result in criminal charges and possible
  • Pay Taxes: You are required now to file your income tax returns, report all earnings to the Internal Revenue Service, and pay any applicable tax owed to your state’s tax commission.
  • Support the U.S.: While you might not agree with the political status of the United States, you are still required to support the democratic nature of the country.
  • Selective Service: If you are a male with a green card aged 18 to 25, you must register with the Selective Service – known as the draft.

You Must Still Renew Your Green Card

A lawful permanent resident is not as “permanent” as the name implies. Typically, you must renew your green card every ten years. If you do not, it will expire six months after the ten-year mark, and the removal process will begin.

As a conditional green card holder, you will renew every two years.

The rights and responsibilities as a lawful permanent resident are complicated. Therefore, if you are being processed for removal, even with a valid green card, speak with an immigration attorney from Udall Shumway, PLC to explore your options.

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