Common Issues When Pursuing US Citizenship

It’s a popular option for people to pursue, but sadly, naturalization isn’t easy. Getting a citizenship application accepted can often take time. If the finer details aren’t checked, you can run into common issues.

4 Common Naturalization Application Issues to Look Out For

These are the 4 most common issues aliens encounter when applying for US citizenship.

1. Not Paying or Being Behind on Taxes

The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) are going to scrutinize your taxes. If you owe back taxes or have not paid past year’s, your application could be denied.

They don’t completely disqualify you from naturalization, though. If you can prove you’re trying to pay your taxes, your application could still be approved. For this reason, it’s sensible to be completely transparent with the USCIS with where you stand on your taxes, including how much (if any) you owe.

2. Not Registering for Selective Service

After naturalization, you’re expected to register for selective service. If you’re male and aged 18-25, you’re automatically required to register, as you’ll need to include your registration number on your naturalization application.

3. Unable to Provide Child Support

If a court has ordered you to pay child support, you need to prove to the USCIS you’ve been doing so. If you’ve been unable to provide child support, your application may be denied. If you’ve had the capital to pay child support but have refused, your application will definitely be denied.

4) Moral Character Issues

To complete your naturalization, you need to prove you’re of good moral character. This is essential – in fact, some moral actions can result in a permanent ban from the USA. These include:

  • Murder
  • Lying on a naturalization application
  • Any crime committed with intent to cause harm
  • Prostitution
  • Terrorism

Legal Representation Can Help Your Application

Most people attempt their naturalization applications themselves and usually don’t have any problems. It’s when denials occur, however, that issues can crop up within your personal life. Working with an experienced Mesa Attorney will help you to avoid common issues and progress your naturalization application smoothly.


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