What Documents to Save In a Citizenship Case

If you’re looking to enter the United States on a permanent basis, you might be wondering what documents to save in your citizenship case. Gaining citizenship to the United States can be a complicated process, as it’s not always possible to let everyone into the country.

Applying for naturalization is part of a life-changing process. Sometimes it’ll feel as though you’re stuck in a never-ending trail of paperwork before the end product is in sight – but be patient and follow this quick, but not exhaustive, guide on which documents you could need in your citizenship case.

What to Bring to Your Naturalization Interview

You will need your Green Card. This was known previously as the I-551 visa, or Form I-551. The Green Card’s formal name is the permanent resident’s card, as it signifies the right to permanently reside and work within the United States. You should also bring a photocopy of the front and back of your Green Card for interview documentation purposes.

If you have one, bring a copy of your driver’s licence. This is for identification purposes, so failing this you can bring a state-issued identification card. With this in mind, you should bring all current and any expired passports and travel documents. This is to provide a paper trail of identity for your application.

You should also bring paper copies of any tax returns you have filed in the past five years. If you are married to a naturalized citizen of the United States, or a birth right citizen, you only need to supply tax returns for the previous three years.

Possible Document Requests

Everyone who attends a naturalization interview will be coming from a different background, and each case will be different. It’s therefore important that you think about any other documentation that may be requested in support of your application. Not submitting these items when requested could cause your application to be delayed.

Further documentation may include copies of marriage certificates, divorce or marriage annulment certificates or proof of spouse’s US citizenship. Death certificates, name change certificates, and a copy of form G-28 from your attorney are also useful documents to bring with you.

Any details pertaining to felonies, arrests, and detentions must also be brought forth. Omitting such evidence will go against your character and could harm the status of your application – reducing the chances that the naturalization process will be a success.

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