What Does Sponsoring of An Alien Mean?

Sponsoring of an alien is when an individual from a foreign country is granted residence within the United States. As a condition of entry, they must be sponsored by a person who has provided a written statement of support for the immigrant.

In the current climate, entry to the United States on the basis of naturalization is restricted. Therefore, if you’re looking to sponsor an immigrant, you’ll face a host of conditions that must be met in order to satisfy the Immigration and Nationalization Service (INS).

Your Responsibility as a Sponsor

Aside from the written statement of sponsorship, you need to prove that you’re able to support the immigrant financially. If the person will be reliant upon public assistance benefits, their application for visa will be rejected.

One common way in which financial support for an immigrant is shown is when you count part of your income and resources as their own. This will determine their food stamp eligibility and benefit level. This process of attributing income to the immigrant is known as “deeming.”

The deeming period will see you legally bound to provide support for the person until one or more conditions are met. Conditions might include the immigrant becoming naturalized as a US citizen, being credited with 40 quarters of work, or leaving the US.

It is also worth noting that this deeming period can end if you die during the sponsorship period.

Responsibilities of the Immigrant

The immigrant must provide the information and verification required to calculate the deemed income and resources of the sponsor. This must be completed at the initial application and during the recertification process.

They must also supply the names of other immigrants the sponsor will be legally responsible for. This is important in the case of an immigrant planning to move to the United States with their family or other dependents.

If additional names are not supplied, the entire amount of deemed income and resources will be attributed to the applicant. This will be the case until the required information is submitted.

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