Tips for Naming Your Business

Starting a new business is an exciting undertaking. There are many decisions that must be made. One of the most important decisions is choosing a name for your business. Your company’s name is the first step in creating your brand. Picking the best name for your company should be done with thought and careful consideration. Here are some tips for naming your business.

Make the Name Easy to Remember

Your company name should be easy for people to remember. It should also be easy to spell because you’ll almost certainly want people to visit your company’s website. The name should have a positive connotation. Some people prefer to use their last name for their business. This is perfectly acceptable, and is a widely used option.

Ensure the Name is Not in Use

When choosing a name, make sure that it is not already in use. If you plan to build and launch a public website, you should also check domain names to see if it is already in use. If you are opening a physical location, a brick and mortar store, your business name should be unique to your geographic area. You want to reduce the risk of being confused with another company. You also want to be sure that you avoid a lawsuit for using someone else’s business name.

Consider the Name with a Logo

The use of a logo is a great marketing and branding tool. Some company names lend themselves to good insignias. Other names are more difficult to brand. Choose a name that can most easily be associated with a recognizable symbol. You may want to use the logo on your website, as well as on stationery and marketing materials.

Make a List of Names

It can be helpful to make a list of names that are agreeable to you. Then take time to review the list. Do not rush it – your business name will hopefully be with you for many years to come. As you evaluate the names, eliminate the ones you find least desirable. You’ll be left with a short list from which you can choose the best name.

Test the Name with Associates and Relatives

Once you have narrowed down you list of names, it can be useful to test the names with friends and others. Obtain objective feedback that you can use to evaluate the list. Rank the names in order from first to last choice. You will probably find one name that stands out from the others, and that will be your winner.  When you need help in starting your business, contact the legal professionals at Udall Shumway PLC to schedule a consultation.

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