Why is the Insurance Company Refusing to Pay?

You’ve suffered a personal injury as a result of an automobile accident. In this situation, the payout from your insurance company will function as some comfort for the pain and distress you’ve suffered, as well as facilitate any repairs that may need to be made to your vehicle. There’s one catch, though – they don’t want to give you the money. When it seems so clear-cut to you, why is the insurance company refusing to pay?

3 Reasons Your Insurer is Refusing to Pay

These are 3 of the most common reasons an insurance company might withhold payment.

1) Not Notifying Your Insurer of Modifications

Vehicle modification is becoming an increasingly popular means of avoiding the need for a completely new purchase. It can, however, land you in trouble with your insurer.

You’re required to inform your insurer of any changes you make to your vehicle. If you don’t, you give them reason not to pay in the event of an automobile accident.

2) Was the Accident Your Fault?

Regardless of which party received the citation, your insurer might think differently. They could refuse to pay on the basis that they think the accident was your fault.

3) How Long is the Vehicle in the Body Shop?

It might take a week to mend your vehicle, but your insurer might decide it should only take 4 days. As a result, they’ll try to only pay for the period they feel the repairs should take. The same goes for rental cars – they’ll only cover the cost of the period they believe the repairs should take. The rest of the payment is up to you.

What Should You Do If an Insurer Refuses to Pay?

First things first, don’t sign anything the other driver’s insurance company passes to you. In many cases, these are partial payments that seem harmless enough. Upon closer inspection, however, you’ll notice that the insurer has slipped in a waiver. This will mean that by accepting the partial payment, you agree to not pursue any further compensation.

In these situations, it’s always advisable that you arrange for the services of an experienced attorney. They’ll be able to guide you on what – as well as what not – to do regarding your specific situation. Once an insurance company receives a letter from your lawyer, they’ll know you mean business and are taking the situation seriously.

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