Common Injuries from Power Tool Use

Power tools make home improvement projects faster and easier. These tools aren’t just for construction workers anymore.  Stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot stock plenty of options, so any homeowner with an interest in DIY projects can have access to them. Of course, wielding heavy, awkward, and extremely powerful tools can be difficult, and as a result many people fall victim to tool-related accidents. Some of the most common injuries from power tool use send numerous employees and homeowners to the hospital every year.

Common Injuries from Power Tools

Protecting yourself will go far when you’re trying to avoid an injury from a power tool. But it’s also important to practice common sense: use power tools safely and as they are intended, and if you’re working with someone, make sure that person is also taking proper precautions. That way, you may avoid some of the more unfortunate tool-related injuries, such as:

1.) Eye Injuries. Using power tools without wearing proper eye gear can leave your eyes at risk. Even if you’re not the one operating the power tool, you should protect your eyes. Nail guns or heavy-duty staplers can malfunction, shooting sharp metal at the user or others nearby.

2.) Amputations. Chainsaws cause a great deal of injuries each year. These tools are extremely powerful, and if a person loses control of a chainsaw, it can cut through a finger or a limb quite easily. Be sure to keep a safe distance from anyone using a chainsaw, and if you’re the one operating it, wear heavy protective gear.

3.) Lacerations. Plenty of power tools have sharp edges or blades, so lacerations can be very common injuries. They range from minor cuts to massive injuries requiring many stitches. Protect your skin under long sleeves and gloves and always maintain a good distance if you’re merely observing.

4.) Electrocution. According to, it only takes two seconds of contact with one-tenth of an amp of electricity to kill you. The cords for power tools may become frayed over time, as do extension cords used to plug them in, so make sure to inspect these carefully before turning the tool on. Also, take care to use and store tools in dry areas.

5.) Puncture Wounds. Power nailers made the top spot on Forbes’s list of the ten most dangerous power tools for good reason. These nail guns are attached to compressors that deliver powerful blasts of air used to push the nail securely into a frame or floor board. Unfortunately, they can also embed nails into a person’s skin or limb. If you use or observe someone using a power nailer, keep it pointed away from you, wear glasses and protective clothing, and don’t put your face too close to it.

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