Common Third-Party Professionals in a Divorce Case

Divorces aren’t always kept just between spouses. In fact, third party professionals in a divorce can often become involved as proceedings grow more complex.

What is a Third Party in a Divorce Case?

A third party in a divorce case is someone who isn’t either husband or wife, but who has become involved in the action, either through rights they may have or as someone appointed by the Court to perform certain tasks.

The process of adding third parties to a divorce case is known as a joinder. In many instances, a third party such as a grandparent may move to join a case as an intervening party with their own rights to litigate.

However, this isn’t the only purpose for third parties in divorce cases. Third parties may also be used to facilitate the overall proceedings for both spouses.

Common Third-Party Professionals Used in a Divorce Case?

There are several common third parties whose services are utilized during divorce proceedings:

1) Therapists

Divorce proceedings can be stressful for all parties involved, so it’s no surprise that therapists are commonly used. Therapists, psychologists, and counselors are often appointed by a Court to perform evaluative tasks to determine the best interests of a Child involved in a family law matter.

2) Accountants

The division of property and debts held by both parties can be one of the biggest causes of disputes in divorces, which is why professional accountants may become involved either as a consulting professional for one or both parties or as a Special Master appointed by the Court to provide specific reporting on an issue in the case.

3) Realtors

When spouses own a house, that residence or rental property will often be sold as part of the dissolution process. If the parties can’t agree on a realtor to list the property or there is another dispute regarding selling the property, the Court may appoint a Real Estate Commissioner to serve as the Court-appointed realtor to sell the property.

Third Parties Can Facilitate the Overall Process

Third party professionals in a divorce case can often assist in the resolution of the issues in a dissolution case. Get in touch with us today for an initial consultation.

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