Johnson & Johnson Product Defect Injuries: Lawsuit Results

Over the last several years, baby product manufacturer Johnson & Johnson has found itself on the receiving end of thousands of product defect lawsuits. Many of these claims have been based on allegations that the company’s talcum baby powder leads to ovarian cancer. Recent results demonstrate the wide disparity in conclusions regarding product defect injuries.

Biggest Win

In August 2017, Johnson & Johnson was ordered to pay the biggest verdict in the history of talcum powder lawsuits of $417 million. The case was brought by a woman who had used the talcum powder for over 50 years as part of her regular hygiene routine. She developed ovarian cancer in 2007.

The woman’s lawsuit claimed that the company was aware of the possible risk factor and link to cancer but failed to warn her or other consumers of these risks. The sizable verdict consisted of $67 million in compensatory damages and $340 million in punitive damages. The woman is currently dying of the disease but was hopeful that the verdict could help save other women by no longer using it as a feminine hygiene product.

Other Wins

The large verdict came on the heels of similar but smaller verdicts. A St. Louis jury awarded $110.5 million to another woman who was also diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She claimed to have used the product for over 40 years. Additionally, three other St. Louis trials also resulted in verdicts for plaintiffs, with the court awarding them $72 million, $70.1 million, and $55 million respectively.


However, not all the lawsuits against the manufacturer were successful. Two similar cases in New Jersey were dismissed after the judge found there was not enough reliable evidence presented to link talc to ovarian cancer. Additionally, a St. Louis jury sided with the company in a lawsuit filed by a Tennessee woman making similar claims. Although a woman in Sioux Falls, South Dakota won a talc lawsuit, the jury did not award any damages in the case.

Contact a Product Defects Attorney

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