Udall Shumway Injury Lawyers are Based in Mesa, ArizonaMesa, Arizona is such a wonderfully gorgeous area in the west of the United States, but sadly as with many other states often times people can get injured due to the negligence of another person. The result of this causes a lot of different potential situations, and in deciding to hire an experienced team of Mesa personal injury lawyers you’ll be able to properly relax with the knowledge that you’re being taken care of in the event something does happen to you or your family.

Here at Udall Shumway we’re fully aware that one can experience economic loss such as medical bills or property damage during an injury case. The way we’re different, however, is that we look to possible future financial loss and emotional/physical suffering that is often related to going through a traumatic experience.

Our skilled team of legal experts are here to help you and your family if any of you go through personal injury within the state of Arizona, and we will stay with you the entire time while we defend your legal rights. It can be difficult to properly navigate through a negotiation with massive insurance companies. When a situation ends up becoming more complex, you can be sure that you can depend on the knowledge of our Mesa personal injury lawyers and on our team to speak for you.

The Kinds of Personal Injury Cases We Take Care of for Clients in Mesa, AZ

The legal team here at Udall Shumway has an enormous amount of knowledge and experience when it comes to representing our clients in various personal injury cases. This includes, but isn’t limited to, handling the below areas:

  • Car accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Motorcycle bites
  • Gun injuries
  • Uber/Lyft injuries
  • Burn injuries
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Swimming pool accidents
  • Wrongful death
  • Dog bites

Car Accidents

If you or anyone in your family has been through a car accident then it’s important to get the expertise and guidance of a personal injury lawyer that is based in Mesa, AZ. An innumerable amount of legal situations can and do occur with car accidents, and by having an experienced team working with you to help you understand every possible legal option can take a huge weight off anyone’s shoulders.

Here at Udall Shumway our team goes well past what most consider due diligence as far as research is involved for a case. We’ll be able to tell you quickly if we’ll be able to help you with your personal injury matter once you come in to go over the case. In going through our investigation we can get to what caused the car accident to occur, and we always keep you fully informed. Investing so much into every single case means that our clients are always kept in the loop so that they’re aware of any strategy being put together.

Thanks to our knowledge in insurance law, medical billing and payments, and general case resolution  we’re a cut above the rest as a more educated and informed choice here in the city of Mesa. Thanks to our team having such a wide variety of knowledge to pull from, we make use of that so that we can get the best possible resolution to our case. We’ve seen this time and time again for numerous people here in Mesa, AZ.

Motorcycle Accidents

There’s no way anyone can say that people don’t think negatively of motorcyclists when accidents involve them. In addition to this, sadly motorcyclists are much more likely to be injured in an accident because of the simple fact that many people don’t often see them while driving through traffic.

Unfortunately, even if the accident isn’t caused by a motorcycle the person driving it often faces potentially serious consequences. Often they end up being incorrectly accused of fault for random reasons.

One of the absolute best things you should be doing if you find yourself in a situation like this as a motorcyclist is to make sure that you never admit fault to any accident without consulting your legal representation first. You should also take as many photos as you can from as many angles as you can, as they can be used to help your case. These pictures will help your personal injury attorney to show how the events occurred, in what order, and with a good level of detail.

Keep in mind there are many alterations to the motorcycle laws in the state of Arizona occurring as time goes on. Make sure that you hire a qualified law firm who stays informed about the most recent adjustments to the laws in this state of ours. By doing so you place yourself in a better situation that can get you the proper compensation and complete legal support that you should have.

Gun Injuries

A gun injury is an extremely frightening thing. Unfortunately they do happen in Mesa, and need to be addressed. With cases like this it is extremely important to have a lawyer that is prepared to fight for the rights of you and your family, not to mention everyone’s well-being.

We completely comprehend how fragile these kinds of cases are. No one ever wants to find themselves in this kind of legal scenario, of course. The Udall Shumway team will properly look over and analyze every gunshot victim’s case properly to make sure that not only are you in a good place from a legal standpoint, but that your physical and mental health are in a good place as well.

When one goes through the trauma of having a gun injury influencing their life there are many different variants when it comes to the terms for amounts of potential compensation with both a trial and a settlement. Because of this it is vital that you hire personal injury lawyers who has gone through this before many times. Here at Udall Shumway we promise that regardless of how complicated the case is, we will always work to make sure that you are able to get the amount that is yours by right.

Lyft and Uber Injuries

In the event that you were injured during a rideshare in Mesa you’ll want to have an experienced personal injury lawyer with you to help guide you. The reason for this is that these massive companies are going through these legal situations every single day, and they make use of specific methods that not all law firms are aware of.

By working together with Udall Shumway you can rest easy knowing that both your injuries and your legal situation is being cared for properly. We’re able to fully prepare settlements efficiently and professionally for this type of case.

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Regardless of which kind of personal injury case you find yourself currently experiencing, you are going to want a lawyer that can make sure you end up with the best end result. There are numerous other types of personal injury cases that the attorneys at Udall Shumway handle, but that don’t fit into some of the more regularly seen kinds shown above. In the even that you or someone you know needs legal support for anything relating to personal injury then please don’t hesitate to call Udall Shumway today.

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