On October 2, the filing fees USCIS charges for many of its applications and petitions will change. The rule change published on August 3, 2020 also removes certain fee exemptions and changes fee waiver requirements. Furthermore, the premium processing time limit is being extended.

Filing an application, petition, or request postmarked on or after October 2, 2020 requires the correct new fee or USCIS will reject it.

For employers who sponsor workers, the fees are increasing. For example, the fee to sponsor an employee’s L visa is increasing 75 percent. Before the rule change, USCIS charged $460; the new fee is $805.

Fees for applications for adjustment of status and other benefits, including employment authorization and advance parole, are significantly increasing.

Currently, most adult legal permanent resident applicants pay $1,225. This fee covers the adjustment application and applications for initial employment authorization documents (EADs) and advance parole (AP). It also covers future EAD and AP renewals while the adjustment case is pending.

After the fee changes take effect, an applicant for an adjustment of status must pay the fee for each application filed. For example, the cost to file an adjustment application with the EAD and AP applications will increase to $2,270 because applicants will be required to pay $550 for the EAD application and $590 for the Advance Parole application.

Many of these fee increases also reflect the incorporation of the biometrics servicing fee into the filing fee cost. The $85 biometrics fee will, for the most part, be eliminated as a separate requirement and will be included as part of the total, updated form fee.

The Premium Processing rules are also being revised. Applicants paying for premium processing could obtain a decision in 15 calendar days. The rules change the timeframe to 15 business days. Business days do not include weekends, federally observed holidays, or the days on which Federal Government offices are closed (including, but not limited to, closures due to inclement weather or national emergencies).

The new fees present the most significant change for application and petition costs in years. Therefore it is important to know what the new fees are and when those fees take effect. For assistance, you can speak with an immigration attorney from Udall Shumway, PLC to explore your options.

Click HERE to download a copy of the Fee Changes Chart.

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