Mesa AZ | What Do Bankruptcy Attorneys Do?

What do bankruptcy attorneys do? Bankruptcy attorneys are lawyers who practice in the area of bankruptcy law.  Bankruptcy laws have changed considerably in the past few years, and tighter regulations make it harder to file for bankruptcy protection.  Your bankruptcy … Continued

Mesa AZ | Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and Divorce

If a married couple files for Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection and they decide to divorce, a motion can be filed with the bankruptcy court to deconsolidate (split) the case.  However, that is not required and the parties can agree to … Continued

Mesa AZ | How Does My Bankruptcy Affect My Pending Divorce?

Bankruptcy Attorney Joel E. Sannes offers this information on the question, “How Does My Bankruptcy Affect My Pending Divorce?”: Bankruptcy will not stop you from getting a divorce, but it does impact the division of marital property.  The Bankruptcy Trustee has the … Continued

Mesa AZ | Where Do I File My Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy Attorney,Joel E. Sannes offers this suggestion regarding the question, “Where Do I File My Bankruptcy If I Haven’t Lived in the Same State or District for the Past Six Months?”:  If you are filing for bankruptcy and you have not … Continued

Mesa AZ | New Bankruptcy Filings Are On The Rise

As recently reported in the Arizona Republic, new bankruptcy filings are on the rise in Phoenix area.  Filings rose slightly from 1,999 in April to 2,080 in May — a 9-month high.  This was the third increase since February.  Job … Continued