Mesa AZ | Physical vs Online Storefronts

Business Considerations Regarding Physical vs Online Storefronts Many businesses today operate in brick and mortar stores, but also have an online presence. The Internet has created a new global marketplace where companies can sell their products via digital storefronts. In … Continued

Mesa AZ | Funding a New Business

Options for Funding a New Business Starting a new business usually takes some capital (and almost always hard work).  When you’re ready to begin your venture, but don’t quite have the funding to sustain it, you need to explore options … Continued

Mesa AZ | Wrongful Terminations

Avoid Wrongful Terminations For most business owners, terminating an employee is typically never an easy task. Nevertheless, terminating someone from your employ is something that needs to be done properly. If done improperly, you risk exposing your business to legal … Continued

Mesa AZ | Review Commercial Leases

How to Properly Review Commercial Leases In today’s economic climate, business planning is critical. One area that companies tend to overlook is their commercial leases. Commercial leases are generally long-term contractual arrangements between the landlord and the renter, sometimes spanning … Continued

Mesa AZ | Successful Mergers

Tips for Successful Mergers Businesses are always looking for ways to improve their profits and strengthen their positions in the marketplace. One way to do this is through acquisition. Purchasing another company is a complex undertaking, but one that may … Continued

Mesa AZ | Naming Your Business

Tips for Naming Your Business Starting a new business is an exciting undertaking. There are many decisions that must be made. One of the most important decisions is choosing a name for your business. Your company’s name is the first … Continued

Mesa AZ | Corporation Formation

Understanding Corporation Formation Corporation formation is an important step for your business, and the Arizona Corporation Commission has strict rules that must be followed. There are also critical differences between the corporate designations for federal taxes versus the designation for Arizona. … Continued

Mesa AZ | Settlement Conference

What is a Settlement Conference? After a lawsuit is filed, but before it goes to trial, the parties are generally required to attend a settlement conference. A settlement conference is a meeting that is held with a mediator behind closed … Continued

Mesa AZ | Resolving Real Estate Disputes

Tips on Resolving Real Estate Disputes Disputes involving real estate are often costly, and the detrimental effects flowing from them frequently extend far beyond the land itself.  The best way to resolve such disputes is to avoid them in the … Continued

Mesa AZ | When a Contract is Breached

What to Do When a Contract is Breached Businesses rely on contracts for many of their transactions. Although you can usually count on a contract to protect you against problems, there are times when this is not the case. Business … Continued