Mesa AZ | EEOC Issues New Guidance Regarding Employees

EEOC Issues New Guidance Regarding Employees with Depression, PTSD and Other Mental Health Conditions in the Workplace The EEOC has recently issued a new publication concerning an employee’s rights in the workplace if they suffer from depression, PTSD or any other … Continued

Mesa AZ | How to Properly Terminate an Employee

Firing an employee may cause anxiety for an employer.  In some instances, the employee has been a wonderful asset to the company, but the company is downsizing and must let an employee go.  In other circumstances, differences between the employee … Continued

Mesa AZ | Family Medical Leave Act

Family Medical Leave Act: How it Affects Arizona Employers and Employees. Some people go through personal health problems or have a direct family member suffer from a health condition.  These unfortunate circumstances usually spill over to affect an individual’s performance at … Continued

Mesa AZ | Avoid Discrimination Claims in Hiring Practices

How does an Arizona employer avoid discrimination claims in hiring practices? There are many legal issues as an Arizona employer that you may never face.  Discrimination for hiring practices may be one of those issues. However, the threat of being … Continued

Mesa AZ | Do I Have a Claim For Wrongful Discharge?

Do I Have a Claim for Wrongful Discharge in Arizona? Arizona is an at-will employment state.  This means that an employee can be fired or an employee can end his/her employment at any time unless otherwise dictated by contract, employee handbook, state … Continued

Pay and Pay Periods Requirements in Arizona

Sometimes the easiest things to do are overlooked.  That is why it is important for employer to remember the legal pay and pay requirements for paying its employees.  A previous blog post titled “Minimum Wage” outlined how much money an employer … Continued

Drastic Changes to Minimum and Overtime Pay Exemptions

In 2014 President Obama tasked the Department of Labor with updating the Fair Labor Standards Act exemptions for minimum wage and overtime standards hoping to “ensure workers are paid a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work.”  The Department of … Continued

Constructive Termination

Under Arizona law, a constructive termination occurs when working conditions are so difficult or unpleasant that a reasonable person in an employee’s shoes would feel compelled to resign. A constructive termination has the same force and effect as an actual … Continued

Arizona Minimum Wage

Employees have some protections granted to them by Federal and State law. One of these protections is the establishment of a minimum wage.  Under Arizona minimum wage law an employers must pay an employee at least $8.05 per/hour.  This is … Continued

Determining How to Incentivize Employees

A constant challenge facing employers is the question, what incentives will I provide to my key employees so they will work hard and remain loyal to the company?  Bonus structure and high salaries are helpful, but do not always tie an employee to … Continued