Mesa AZ | My Estate Plan After Divorce

Do I Need to Modify My Estate After My Divorce? Many states require you to make changes to your estate after you divorce. In those instances, legally dissolving your marriage does not automatically amend any documents, so if you want … Continued

Mesa AZ | How to Handle an Unexpected Sum of Money

How to Handle an Unexpected Sum of Money Responsibly There is nothing like getting the news that you have received an unexpected sum of money. But inheritances or other sudden sources of money like lottery winnings often bring with them … Continued

Mesa AZ | Who Gets My IRA Benefits

Who Gets My IRA Benefits If I Have Not Designated A Beneficiary? When you set up an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) or other retirement account, you will have the opportunity to designate beneficiaries. These are the individuals eligible to receive … Continued

Mesa AZ | Fiduciary Duties of a Trustee

What You Should Know About the Fiduciary Duties of a Trustee If you appoint a trustee to assist in some manner with your estate planning, it is important to understand the fiduciary duties of a trustee. A trustee has a … Continued

Mesa AZ | Guardianship and Conservatorship

What is the distinction between an Agent under a Power of Attorney, Guardianship and Conservatorship? Guardianship and Conservatorship In Arizona, if a person (known as the “ward”) is no longer able to care for herself or himself, a legal proceeding … Continued

Mesa AZ | How Do I Choose a Trustee for My Estate?

I am often asked, how do I choose a trustee for my estate? A trustee is an individual or a financial institution or other entity that takes responsibility for administering a trust for the benefit of the beneficiaries designated in the … Continued

Mesa AZ | Second Marriage Tips: Estate Planning Considerations

Here are some second marriage tips: estate planning considerations. Things can get a whole lot more complicated the second time around when you get married.  Record numbers of individuals may be facing the possibility of second marriage.  There are several different … Continued

Mesa AZ | Do Young Adults Need Estate Planning Documents?

Do young adults need estate planning documents? Estate planning documents include essential items such as living trusts, living wills and last wills and testaments.  These can be an important part of helping families prepare for multiple, challenging scenarios when a loved … Continued